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Highlighting Achievements in 9 Categories

The 2018 Data Impact Awards recognize organizations’ achievements with the Cloudera platform in nine categories within three overarching themes:

  • Business Impact
  • Technical Impact
  • Special Impact


Business Impact

  • Grow your business 

    Implementing data solutions to grow a business or organization (revenue, customer, product line growth).   

  • Connect products and services

    Driving quantifiable results to an organization, company, or industry from connected products and services to apply insights to enable new capabilities or improve operational efficiencies from data generated by the Internet of Things (IoT) and connected devices and/or other data sources.

  • Protect your business

    Deploying a Cloudera-based platform to reduce business risk by modernizing cybersecurity infrastructure, preventing fraud, modeling risk, managing data security, and/or meeting regulatory compliance with tangible results.

Technical Impact

  • Enterprise machine learning  

    Applying data science and machine learning to augment, improve, or automate human decision making for better business and customer outcomes.

  • Modern data warehousing  

    Achieving a major effect on how analytics are used or available throughout the company and the business impact they have.

  • Cloud success

    Driving business innovation and agility and lowering TCO with a modern IT environment using Cloudera on public cloud infrastructure.

Special Impact

  • Rookie of the year

    Delivering the most impressive measurable results to make the impossible possible for an organization just starting their Cloudera journey in the past 12 months.

  • Societal impact

    Positively impacting society, the planet, or humankind with a modern data platform.

  • Business transformation

    Progressing through the data-driven journey toward organizational transformation by enabling use cases across multiple areas of the organization, achieving a major effect and/or reaching a particularly remarkable performance or capability metric.

Evaluated by an Objective Expert Panel

The winners for the Data Impact Awards are determined entirely by a panel of thought leaders in the data management and analytics space. Cloudera does not select or influence the selection of winners for any category.